“As an actor and performer, do I need a showreel?”

That’s the question that we get asked the most often and the answer is….


From casting directors to producers, agents and those who just want to be a little bit nosy, a showreel is vital for any performer. It’s your calling card and here at MoonBase Media we can ensure you have the highest quality, tailored made showreel, designed just for you.

Whether you are newly graduated or highly experienced, getting a new showreel can be daunting – we know that – so that’s why we are committed to ensuring that you receive the right showreel for you.  Our team are here to give you a detailed, personalised showreel experience and having worked as Producers and Directors in the broadcast television industry for over 15 years, we excel at working with actors and performers to make high quality reels. Some of our team are also actors, so we are with you in understanding the process from both sides of the camera.

For more information, give us a call or drop us a line on the contacts page. We are friendly and won’t bite. We promise.

What we do

The information bit. MoonBase Media offers a professional showreel and self-tape service to all performers looking to enhance their portfolio in Theatre, Film and TV.

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WHAT We've done

The showreel bit. To have a watch of the showreels, click below. 

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How We Do It

The process bit. Click below to find out how it all works.

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The money bit. Click below to get more information on the cost of  the showreel packages.

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MoonBase Media are a team of Industry professionals with over 15 years experience working in Film and Television. With collaborators working on both sides of the camera, our two company directors work with a team of professionals to ensure you get the right showreel for you. With professional backgrounds within the Television, Theatre and Film industries, we’re here to provide you with high quality videography ready to send off to agents, casting directors, family friends…anyone that needs to see it, really.