Frequently asked questions...

How long will it take to film?

This depends on how many scenes you decide to film but we usually allow roughly 3 hours per scene.

What time do we start filming?

For a morning slot, we usually start between 0900 – 1000 and the afternoon slot from 1400. If we are filming three scenes in a day, the call time could be earlier. We will send you a call sheet prior to filming with all the details you will need – time, location, daily schedule.

How any scenes do you film in one day?

Anything from 1 – 3 scenes in a day, location and schedule depending.

Can I split filming 3 scenes over different days?

Absolutely! The price of the three scene package is based on the camera/sound operator and director for one day. If we split filming over a various days, there is an extra £75 per day to cover the crew costs.

Where do you film?

We film in London (Zones 1-6). We can go further out but a transport cost maybe applicable.

Can you write the scenes for me?

Yes, we have writers who will create a scene for you. You’ll speak to either Paul or Luke and create the basis of the script between you. The cost is £30 per script, this includes ONE set of tweaks/changes that you may desire afterwards. Additional changes on the same script after that will be charged at £10 per writing session. If you decide to change ideas completely and start from scratch, that is fine and will involve a new £30 charge per scene.

Can I provide my own scenes?

Yes, that is fine but please consider that the locations available to use will need to suit the scene and the duration no longer than 1.5 pages of script text, reading at no longer than 2 minutes in total.

Do you find locations for me?

Yes, we can find locations for you to suit the scene. In some cases a facility fee maybe payable for the location, this will be discussed prior to shooting and reflected in your invoice.

How can I pay?

You can pay by on-line banking. We will send you an invoice after the first phone consultation which will be for a £50 deposit. This will reserve your filming date and time slot. The deposit will then be taken off your second invoice which is sent you prior to filming with the full amount to be paid, which may include any extras you have requested.  We ask that at least half the full amount is paid prior to or on the day of filming to cover costs and the rest can be paid on completion if so desired.

Can I change my date of filming?

Yes, we know that things come up at the last minute and so will give you one free date change. If you need to change the date of filming again after that, we will ask you for a further £50 re-booking fee.

Can I cancel the filming?

Yes, you can but unless agreed by us and in exceptional circumstances, you will loose the £50 deposit.

Do you provide Props?

No, we ask you to bring any props that are needed for the scene.

Do you provide costumes?

We don't provide costumes and ask you to bring your own clothes that you would like to wear for the scene.

Do you provide a make-up artist?

We don't provide a make-up artist but if you require one, you are more than welcome to arrange that yourself.

Can you provide actors for me?

Yes we can! We are able to secure actors that we feel would be suitable for the roles in your scene in relation to the casting breakdown. We charge £30 per actor per scene for their time. You are more than welcome to supply actors yourself or work with people that you know. We can also write script with actors you would like to work with in mind.

I’m filming a scene with a friend and they would like a copy of it but can you re-edit it to favour them?

Yes, we can give you a second edit of a scene but this needs to be agreed before filming to ensure we get the necessary coverage and schedule this into the edit process. To re-cut the scene a second way for another actor will be a cost of £100.

How long will it take to get the edit to me?

It usually takes between 1 – 2 weeks to deliver the scenes to you.

Can you supply me with the rushes/raw footage?

This is not a service we provide. Our rushes would be ungraded and the sound would not have been through our dubbing process. Any rushes that we shoot have not been through our quality controls of sound, editing, grading and lighting and therefore would not be a reflection of our work in the highest quality and so not available to take away.

How many edits will you do?

We will provide you with one full edit of the scene before we send it to you. This will be, in our opinion, the best version of the edit taking into consideration lighting, sound, camera, performance, continuity and any notes we have prior to filming. If you would like any changes after that, we will offer ONE edit to you from your notes to make any changes – so please make sure you get all feedback to us in one go. Please note that it is not always possible to make all the changes you ask for but we will always try. Any further changes are possible but the edit time will be charged at £30 an hour (or part thereof). Please note that in busy periods, it can take between 2 – 4 weeks to get back to you with the further changes.

After I have been delivered the final showreel, can I then make further changes?

Yes that is possible but we only keep the working project on our system for THREE DAYS after delivery of the final version to you. After that time, we delete the project and further changes are not possible.

How do you deliver the scenes to me?

We send the scenes to you via WeTransfer so you can upload them to casting websites if needed. For the two and three scene packages they are edited together in one showreel.

Can you send me the scenes separately?

Yes we can – we will send you one file with the scenes edited together (2 and 3 scene packages), as standard. If you also wish the scenes sent separately, then it will be a further editing cost of £45.

Can you edit a showreel just from existing footage?

Yes we can. We will chat with you about what needs to be done over the phone and arrange delivery of the footage from you. This process is done remotely and we will send you the finished reel. You will need to arrange delivery and collection of the rushes. If we are free, we can do this for you but a transport cost will apply.

How much will it cost?

We charge £30 an hour edit time – which includes logging, ingesting, editing and rendering. We will give a rough idea of the price once we have seen the rushes. Often, we charge £150 for a day rate in the edit which works out cheaper for you but this depends on the amount of footage and how much you have prepared for us in terms of logging, prior to the edit.

Do I still get the chance to make changes once you have edited it?

Yes, this includes ONE re-edit session by us working from your notes. Any further edits after that will be charged at £30 per hour or part thereof.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes we do! If for any reason you require a refund, we can usually process that between 5-7 days. The refund will be minus any work already completed, for example written scripts and daily rates for crew on filming days.

I have chosen a scene, are there any copyright or permission issues?

Unless you choose a scene written by us, then there maybe copyright or permission issues surrounding your choice of material. We film, direct and edit your scenes and do not run a service where we obtain or check permissions or copyright for each scene that maybe needed. By working with us, it is understood that any relevant copyright / permissions is sought by you before you bring the scene to film.

If you have any further questions then do get in touch and let us know.