How We Do It

At MoonBase Media, we offer a bespoke showreel service that caters for your needs. Whether you are an actor, dancer, singer, entertainer…whoever you are, we understand that everyone is different and so you need a showreel that reflects your strengths (let’s not worry about the weaknesses, eh!). Our service provides you with a top to toe service that includes:

  • Initial Discussions in creating what you need for your showreel.
  • Script Writing Service – We have a team of writers who are experienced in writing for TV and film and can write a scene for you in the style that you think best suits your casting.*
  • Actors – Most people like to work with people they know in their scenes but we can also offer the option of professional actors to work with you in your scene.*
  • Filming – Your Showreel will be filmed in HD quality and then edited ready for your approval. We’ll upload it to Spotlight for you and provide you with a DVD copy or a digital file ready to download.

*There’s an extra cost for these if you require them.

See our What’s The Cost page for full details.